Welcome to my Inquiry Project for Judith Rodby's

English 332 Literacy Studies Class

  1. "Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care"

  2. “To generalize is always to simplify, but this… framework is not intended to stereotype… Human experience is far too complex to fit neatly into any conceptual schemes” (Trumbul 4).

  3. “Our students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach” (Ferris 1).

These three quotes represent the three major areas of my project: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Funds of Knowledge, and Web 2.0. To begin, being a culturally responsive teacher means connecting with your students beyond the surface and really trying to bring the curriculum into their lives. Once you show them that you are interested in their success, they might be more excited in succeeding., The second quote shows that while understanding how culture connects to learning is important, you cannot simply take your experiences with one student and apply that experience to all future experiences with similar students; ach student is different, even if they might look like they share a culture. This is why connecting each student's specific funds of knowledge to their education is beneficial for both teachers and students. Finally, while addressing these cultural areas of change, we must not forget that these students are also unique in a different way: the majority of students with which we will be working are students who have grown up with technology very much different than our own. Ignoring these advancements is doing our students a disservice; we must connect their assignments and in turn their learning back to technology to make them students who will be prepared for the changing world around them.

This website is broken up into the same three main topics: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Funds of Knowledge, and Web 2.0. The sub-links for each topic can be found below, as well as on each main page.

Please be sure to begin your journey with my introduction and conclude it with my research narrative. After you have read through the information, please feel free to visit the resource section, or the web links for more information.


Madi Krisko


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Funds of Knowledge

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